Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Phish - 08-02-14 - Oak Mountain - Pelham, AL


Notes: Ghost contained San-Ho-Zay and Simple teases.

Phish - 08-01-2014 - Orange Beach, AL


Notes: Fuego included a brief Tweezer jam. Antelope contained Boogie On and Munsters theme teases. Fishman quoted Setting Sail in Tweezer Reprise.

Phish nTelos Pavilion 7/29 & 30, 2014



Notes: Chalk Dust and Caspian were unfinished. Mike's Song contained a BOAF tease and Weekapaug contained a tease and quote of Shock the Monkey.
EncoreThe Lizards
Notes: The soundcheck's Jennifer Dances was a blues jam with quotes of Foxy Lady. Trey teased Paint It Black after Foxy lady was played. Bathtub Gin contained a Long Tall Glasses tease. Mountains in the Mist was played for the first time since December 27, 2010 (141 shows). Mike teased Fuego in Meatstick.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Phish 2014-07-26 & 27 Merriweather Post Pavilion - Columbia, MD

· Flash Light tease in You Enjoy Myself
· Back on the Train and Manteca teases in Tweezer
· Under Pressure tease in NICU
· Tweezer tease in I Been Around
· Jennifer Dances quote in Hold Your Head Up
Notes: This show was webcast via LivePhish. YEM included Flash Light teases and featured Trey waving his megaphone and using its siren. The first Tweezer contained Back on the Train teasing from Fish. The third Tweezer included Page teasing Manteca. Catapult was played for the first time since August 14, 2009 (206 shows). DWD was unfinished. NICU contained Under Pressure teases. Tweezer was teased after the first HYHU and in I Been Around. Jennifer Dances was performed for the first time since December 17, 1999 (352 shows) and was quoted at the end of the second HYHU. I Been Around was last played October 16, 2010 (149 shows).
· Manteca tease in Light

Phish 2014-07-25 PNC Music Pavilion - Charlotte, NC


EncoreLoving Cup
· Beauty of a Broken Heart tease in David Bowie
· Fuego tease in Reba
· Fuego tease in Character Zero
· Fuego tease in Twist
Notes: Bowie contained a Beauty of a Broken Heart tease from Trey. Chalk Dust was unfinished. Twist, Reba, and Character Zero included Fuego teases.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Phish 1999-07-25 Deer Creek


EncoreLoving Cup
· My Left Toe tease in Birds of a Feather
· Stash tease in Run Like an Antelope
· I Wish tease in Suzy Greenberg
· Boogie On Reggae Woman jam in You Enjoy Myself
Notes: My Friend's ending did not contain the "Myfe" lyric. Whipping Post was played for the first time since August 10, 1996 (208 shows) and featured Trey on vocals for the first time since September 21, 1990 (846 shows). The Makisupa key words were "gooballs, brownies, stink, kind nugs... keef!" Happy Birthday was performed for the first time since September 30, 1991 (715 shows) and was first played by Trey instrumentally over Makisupa before he announced Chris Kuroda's birthday and asked the crowd to join in as he sang the song "rasta style" (with a "We're gonna get you so wasted tonight after the show" lyric). Mike subsequently took a bass solo and Fishman sung a verse solo in a mock Jamaican accent (with a "You roll up a big spliff and you don't pass it to no one!" lyric). Chris took a silent light board solo (see also April 18, 1990) at Trey's request before Makisupa resumed. The second set featured multiple teases and jams, including the unfinished Birds (My Left Toe tease), Antelope (Stash tease), Suzy (I Wish teases and a syncopated jam based around Page) and YEM (Boogie On Reggae Woman jam). In Purple Rain, played for the first time since August 6, 1996 (209 shows), Fishman forgot the words and subsequently thanked the crowd for supporting his vacuum cleaner habit

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Phish Chicago Northerly Island 2014


7/18/14, Northerly Island, Chicago, IL

Set 1: 555, Kill Devil Falls, Bouncing Around the Room, Reba, Waiting All Night, Birds of a Feather, Halfway to the Moon, Sparkle, Sample in a Jar, A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing, Stash, Squirming Coil

Set 2: Golden Age > Mango Song, Sand > Piper > Halley's Comet, Wombat > Chalkdust > Slave

E: Julius

7/19/14, Northerly Island, Chicago, IL

Set 1:  Moma Dance, Wolfman's Brother, Devotion to a Dream, 46 Days, Yarmouth Road, Brian & Robert, Wingsuit, Tube*, Free, Roggae, Heavy Things, Antelope

Set 2:  Carini > Waves > Fuego > Twist > Light > Twenty Years Later, Harry Hood, Cavern

E: Grind, Bug, Suzy Greenberg

* With Smoke Under Water tease

7/20/14 Northerly Island, Chicago, IL

Set 1: Gumbo, Runaway Jim, Tela, The Line, Scent of a Mule, Bathtub Gin, Silent in the Morning, Maze, Ocelot, Walls of the Cave

Set 2: Down With Disease > Winterqueen > Theme from the Bottom > Mike's Song > Wedge, Ghost > Weekapaug Groove, First Tube

E: Character Zero